Lessons Learned During Outdoor Photography Shots


Excellent article with some stunning photos.Thanks!

CIMPLE - A Curious Introvert's Musings & Photos about Life and Enjoyment

Lesson 1) The cormorant is standing in the sun drying out his wings for an extended period of time because their wings have less preen oil than other birds and not because, as you thought, they are one of the rare birds that enjoys posing for photos.

Lesson 2) The Great Blue Heron has not flown to this secluded spot in shallow, mucky water for a better nature shot, but to laugh at you as you attempt to kayak closer for a better shot with the muck flying everywhere, including into your hair.

Lesson 3) You are now middle-aged and your balancing skills are not what they use to be, so as you crouch down for an eye-level flower shot while holding your camera and the dog’s leash, one tug by the dog can result in tumbling over in the flower garden and having a sprained finger when you land.

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